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    Zhejiang xiwei New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise which takes structural design and precision manufacturing of small diameter heat exchanger as its core technology and focuses on providing optimal thermal management system solutions for HVAC, refrigeration, new energy, industrial refrigeration, medical equipment and other fields.

    Relying on Zhejiang University, Zhejiang University Shandong Institute of Industrial Technology, the company has the international top basic research and product development team acrossing materials, machinery, mechanical and electrical, thermal physics and other professional, testing service platform and intelligent production factory of micro-tube heat exchanger.?

    Through continuous innovation in design and manufacturing, as well as complete industrial system design capabilities, the products produced are more cost-effective, more energy-efficient, smaller and better environmental tolerance , etc.,?, leading the sustainable development of the refrigeration industry with the ultimate innovation in products and promoting the realization of the double carbon goal.


    Highly Sophisticated Design

    Microtube Simulation Software
    4mm Tube & Fin Heat Exchanger

    Smart Manufacturing

    Automated Finned Aggregate
    Microtube Expansion
    Blue Laser Heat Conduction Welding

    Advanced Materials

    Thermal Interface Material
    Heat Dissipation Coating
    Superhydrophobic Coating


    New Energy Sector
    Heat Dissipation In Industrial Field
    Refrigeration & Freezing



    4mm Small Diameter Heat Exchanger Substitution Analysis of the Refrigeration Small Household Appliances Industry

    The 4mm small diameter heat exchanger products are in line with the development trend of cost reduction, efficiency increase and miniaturization in the refrigeration small household appliance industry, and have shown outstanding cost and performance advantages in multiple application tests.


    February 2, 2024, the Annual Party and Factory Launching Ceremony Were Held

    February 2, 2024, the opening ceremony and product exhibition of Zhejiang xiwei New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. was successfully held in Changxing, Zhejiang...


    Discussion on the Development Direction of Tube-fin Heat Exchanger and the Future Trend of Microchannel

    Tube-fin heat exchanger is one of the earliest and most successful discoveries in improving tube heat exchanger.The tube-fin heat exchanger has compact structure and excellent heat transfer performance. It is not only suitable for single-phase fluid flow, but also has great value for phase change heat...


    4mm Micro-tube Heat Dissipation Appears at the China(Ningbo) Home Appliance Industry Conference

    December 13, 4mm Micro-tube Heat Dissipation were appeared at the Ningbo Home Appliance Industry Conference...


    Address: Building 5, Intelligent Vehicle Supporting Center Industrial Park, Nanzhuang Village, Taihu Street, Changxing County, Huzhou, Zhejiang Province





    WeChat: 烯微新能源

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